Shenzhen city Figreen Technology Co. Ltd. as a leading Chinese area MRO supplier, in 2007 in Shenzhen to set up Chinese, relying on the mature supply chain system, professional background and capital backing, to provide hundreds of thousands of MRO industrial products to customers Chinese area, import sensor, instrumentation products. At present most of the Fortune Global 500 and China local well-known enterprises have become an important customer days for the electrical and mechanical.
The ancients said: good man, who has good. TOWING days will be as in the past attention to customers and partners feel, sound and pragmatic, dedicated to the service and quality of service, and respect for customers, partners and employees and win-win.
Our advantage:
* hundreds of thousands of continuously improve the quality of industrial products import MRO, sensors, instrumentation products for you to choose, and with reasonable inventory.
* 1200 page product selection guide with large database website parallel, search for your convenience.
* hundreds of professional customer service engineer development concentrated in Shenzhen to provide professional services, product selection for your patience.
* in China Shenzhen Baoan manhole bonded area, area of more than 1000 square meters of warehouse ready for imported equipment and spare parts service for you, for you to trade.
* the continuous improvement of the ERP and the internal supply chain information processing platform, to ensure the order and customer demand for accurate, efficient processing.
Based on the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for FIGREEN days China customer relationship management team, the fastest response to your customer service demand or complaint, focus on customer experience and satisfaction.
The national city well-known hotel regular customer care to listen to your views on tour, pious.
* Top 500 trusted partner, worth your try.
* if you want to know more, please call TOWING days or E-mail consulting, slaes#figreen.net (if you need to use this email please "#" replaced by "@")
Figreen and FIGREEN as the day for the group of registered trademark, protected by law.
Note: MRO is the English Maintenance, Repair and Operations is the abbreviation of. Namely: Maintenance maintenance, repair, operation of the Operation Repair (MRO). Usually refers to the actual production process does not directly formed products, used only for maintenance, repair, operation of equipment materials and services. MRO refers to the non production material properties of industrial products.